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OEM Alloy Wheels

We stock new OEM (factory) wheels that have never been mounted on a vehicle. These wheels are identical to the factory wheels that come on your vehicle, and are made by the exact same manufacturer. The only difference between our OEM wheels and one you would find on your brand new car is that our new OEM wheels have never been mounted to an automobile.

Like New OEM Wheels

We also carry like-new “Take-Off” OEM wheels that were mounted on a new car while in the showroom but were removed by the customer who wanted something different after purchasing. Additionally, Blackburn stocks reconditioned OEM alloy wheels. We refurbish our original equipment wheels according to original manufacturer specifications. See FAQ’s for an explanation of different OE wheel finishes.

Used Alloy Wheels

Blackburn also carries used alloy wheels and we take pride in providing Grade A and B condition wheels that are superior to those of our competitors.


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