5 Vintage Hubcaps That Will Make You Wish You Had a Classic Car

By now you likely know that Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions is not your average OEM wheel provider. We take pride in offering a number of additional products and services that set us apart from the competition. Our inventory of vintage hubcaps helps us to accomplish this goal, but it also makes showing up to work everyday fun and exciting. Apart from being works of art, each of these hubcaps reminds us of a simpler time and provides a nostalgic feeling we can’t find anywhere else. Plus, when we ship them out to their new owner, we often get to see pictures of the classic hubcaps reunited with their make and model, a feeling we never get sick of. Here’s a selection of some of our favorite vintage hubcaps currently in stock.

1. Late 1950s Cadillac Hubcap

Cadillac is known for being GM’s luxury flagship, and Cadillac has been about luxury since its inception in 1902. Henry Ford left the Henry Ford Company to start Ford Motor Company in 1903. After disagreeing with investors, Ford sold the Henry Ford Company to investors for $900 and secured the rights to continue using his name. The Henry Ford Company soon became Cadillac, while Henry Ford went on to obvious success with his new company, now known by most simply as Ford.

2. Late 1950s Studebaker Hubcaps


You won’t find any new Studebaker cars on the road today, since the auto maker went defunct in 1967. Still, Studebaker enjoyed over 50 years of success and were known for making quality cars that you were also reliable. These Studebaker hubcaps are somewhat reminiscent of the Cadillac logo of today, utilizing a shield emblem as part of their dog dish hubcap design.

3. Early 1960s Mercury Hubcap


Perhaps this hubcap style is one of the best textbook examples of the “dog dish” style hubcap we have seen. Mercury continues to be seen on the road today, but new Mercury vehicles have not been made since 2011 when Ford decided to dissolve the brand and focus on growing the Ford brand outside of the U.S.

4. Mid 1950s Ford Hubcaps


Whether it looks like a vinyl LP (speaking of antiques!) or a clock you would see in a 1950s diner, we just love the look of the red center cap on these 1950s Ford hubcaps. Also, these are another great example of the dog dish style hubcaps that were very popular in their time.

5. Early 1960s Chrysler Hubcaps


You’d find these Chrysler hubcaps on early 1960s Chrysler New Yorkers. The New Yorker was once Chrysler’s flagship vehicle, enjoying over 50 years of production. The last New Yorker to come off the Chrylser manufacturing line was almost 20 years ago in 1997.

All of these hubcaps for sale are currently available on our eBay store. Remember, apart from being one of the nation’s largest privately owned suppliers of new and old OEM wheels, Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions provides bumper rechroming,  alloy wheel refinishing and a lot more.  You can also gain access to our massive OEM wheel inventory by creating a free account on our Blackburns Wheelfinder site.

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