7 Gift Ideas For the Car Enthusiasts On Your Christmas Shopping List

With Christmas under over a month away, shoppers around the country are beginning to panic. Don’t worry, if you’re still looking for gifts for the car lover on your shopping list, we’ve got you covered! We’ve put together this awesome list of 7 gifts motorheads will surely love, giving you more time to enjoy the holiday season. Haven’t a clue what kind of cars your motorhead loves? Don’t fret – these gifts will make get any car enthusiast’s engine revving, regardless of what kind of car they drive!

1. Mechanix Original Touch Gloves

In a world with less and less tangible user manuals and more iPads, today’s car enthusiast often finds themselves trying to use their tablets or smartphones with bulky gloves or greasy fingers. The Mechanix Original Touch glove incorporates a specially designed material to allow the user to manipulate touch screens while keeping their gloves on, ridding you of the nuisance of constantly removing your gloves. The glove is designed to have extra sensitive points at the thumb and fingertips to improve usability. A must have for the DIY car guy following online guides and the professional mechanic alike.

2. Ram Mount Universal X-Grip

Car makers have come along way accommodating the cellphone, with many now coming with bluetooth systems to synchronize with your smartphone. Still, one thing many car makers seem to ignore is that we need a place to put our phone. Car accessory companies have jumped to fill this demand with a number of mountable phone holders. One that comes highly recommended is the Ram Mount Universal X-Grip, which at around $25 is a great way to rid yourself of the notorious dashboard surfing smart phone.

3. Griffin Power Jolt USB Cigarette Adapter

One thing that is surely lacking from the 21st century so far is the presence of USB outlets. With a simple adapter like the Power Jolt from Griffin, you can convert a cigarette outlet into a USB port, allowing you to keep your device ready to go when you need it. For around $25, you will get the car charger, power block, and a micro-USB cable. Adapters like these pay for themselves very quickly, in the form of convenience. Plus, Griffin’s model is extra sleek and looks like it’s just part of your car.

4.  Gear Wrench Drive Gimbal Ratchets

Gimbal revolutionized the ratchet industry in the mid 1990s when they introduced their patented five-degree ratcheting wrench, but they’ve continued to innovate. Pick up two varieties, the 1/4″ and the 3/8″ and be amazed at the brilliant 72 tooth design that Gear Wrench has perfected. Best of all, their sleek designs fit in the palm of your hand, allowing your car enthusiast to get into spaces they’d never dream of with a traditional wrench.

5. Antigravity Batteries Micro-Start Jump Starter XP-1

With a power supply small enough to fit in your pocket, but powerful enough to start any car or truck with ease, the eliminates the need for jumper cables and also provides you with a dependable method of charging cell phones, laptops, tablets, video cameras and most other electronic devices, regardless of access to power. For $150, this is one of the best jump starters on the market.

6. The Drop Stop Car Seat Gap Filler

You may have seen this on Sharktank. This brilliant device simply rests in between your car seat and the center console to prevent the dreaded lost items in what has become known as the “carmuda triangle”. For less than $20, you can rid yourself of one of the most annoying parts of owning a car. This may be the single most brilliant invention in the history of mankind.

7. Automatic Car Dongle and App

Gone are the days when you need some proprietary electronic device that costs hundreds of dollars and is only good on certain makes of cars. The Automatic dongle connects to your cars data port and integrates with your smartphone. The app can provide you with all sorts of logistical information and can even diagnose your check engine, other warning lights. The app can diagnose engine lights, provide cool stats on average MPH, MPG and keeps lots of other daily stats as well. It will even help you call for help if its built-in accelerometer senses an accident. For just $129, the adapter comes with the app for free, which is a pretty great price for such an awesome gadget.

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