Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions’ position as a leader in the OEM wheel distribution industry couldn’t have happened without the commitment and leadership of this dedicated team.


Jim Blackburn, Sr. Founder

Jim Blackburn had a hobby of collecting used hubcaps, when the collection became too large, his wife Marge said “these have to go.” It was then that Jim sold his first hubcap and realized he could make some extra money from this hobby. This hobby soon turned into a lucrative business and within two years he decided to make the hobby he loved a career, Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions was born. Today Jim is involved in the business but in a capacity that allows Jim to travel and pursue his hobby of metal detecting.


Marge Blackburn Accounts Payable

Marge Blackburn has been involved in some capacity of the business from the inception. In the beginning it was as simple as being supportive to her husband when he left his steady income to open a hubcap shop. Many thought he was just plain crazy, but Marge always knew better. Today she manages the payable department, at all times working in the best interest of the business both morally and ethically. Marge enjoys reading and spending time with her eight grand children.


Jimmy Blackburn

Jimmy Blackburn was born with a bottle of chrome polish in his hand…today he’s at the helm of the largest privately held OEM wheel distributor in the country. His passion for the industry fueled the expansive growth of the company and continues to drive it today. His goals for the future are set high and there seems to be no obstacle insurmountable for this leader who treats all his employees like family. His interests include water and snow sports.


Tim Graf Director of Operations

Tim Graf, as a former football coach, is a take-charge kind of guy, dedicated to the core, organized and disciplined. He has a way of mentoring the young members of his staff to build a solid team of employees necessary to get the job done. No task is too large for this guy and his work ethic is second to none. His interests include football and his two golden retrievers.


Bob Pasal Bulk Purchasing and Sales

Bob Pasal is a crucial member of Blackburn’s team.  Most of the time he can be found behind the scenes securing large wholesale deals, and making the right moves to keep the shelves at Blackburn’s stocked.  His determination and energy keep the doors of opportunity open. His interest includes golf and fitness.


Todd Deranek Director of Sales and Marketing

Todd, a new member to the team in 2011, has embraced the industry with passion and drive. His extensive sales and marketing experience has been an essential component to recent growth of the company. His level of commitment will continue to yield years of growth.