BMW OEM Wheels vs Replicas

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The BMW is often associated with class and sportiness. Due to the branding and popularity of this vehicle, its OEM wheel is often replicated to turn a profit off the sleek look and feel of the design. If you are in the market for a real set of BMW OEM wheels, it is important to know how to spot the characteristics of a knockoff or replica wheel.

Some warning signs that you are looking at a replica wheel include a stamp that reads “Italy” as the country of origin or a stamp on the front that just reads “Motorsport” as opposed to the OEM “BMW Motorsport” stamp. If your BMW wheels are missing an official BMW stamp on the back or an “M” badge below the front center cap, this is also a sure sign of replica wheels. BMW OEM Wheels also feature a three-digit manufacturers code stamped near the valve stem.

While many replica wheels must meet certain safety standards, fake or counterfeit wheels are often unregulated and made with cheap materials. This can pose some serious safety risks. Fitment and compatibility issues can cause damage to your vehicle, resulting in costly repairs and putting a driver at risk of serious bodily harm or injury. Faulty or defective replica wheels also have a higher risk of cracking or collapsing during use.

Whether you are a collector, a racing enthusiast or just like the aesthetic of the BMW, you want your vehicle to look and perform its best. Login or register for our Wheelfinder user portal to browse our current stock of BMW OEM wheels today!

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