The Cost Benefits of Partnering With A Rim Distributor

The cost benefits of partnering with a rim distributor are obvious. Ideally, your rim distributor will offer wholesale prices that save your company money and thus make your company more profitable. While there are many benefits of partnering with an OE wheel distributor, we’d like to focus on what sets us apart from other OEM wheel distributors, and why partnering with us offers the most cost benefits.

If you’re looking to build a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with an OEM wheel distributor, you need not look any further! Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions proudly boasts the largest privately held inventory of OEM wheels, OEM hubcaps and OEM center caps in the United States.

While our company supplies OEM wheels across the country to large corporations and end users alike, we consider ourselves more than OE wheel distributors. What sets us apart from the competition is our dedication and focus to providing exceptional customer service. We’ve developed a robust online ordering website that provides your company with the ability to make orders online quickly with ease. When you call Blackburn for customer service, you’ll be connected to a real person within moments. When you partner with Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions, you get the low prices and fast turnaround you’d expect from a large corporation, with the customer service and attention to detail of a family run business.

We inventory all of our own wheel products, and boast the largest privately held inventory of OEM wheel products in the country. Our OEM wheel products are a cost friendly solution for auto repair and body shops, tire service centers, insurance companies, fleet management companies and more. Plain and simple, if your business purchase OEM (original equipment manufacturer) wheel products, you will save money by partnering with Blackburn.

We take pride in offering high quality reconditioned wheels to as an additional cost saving option for your business to consider. Our used wheels are offered in Grade A and Grade B, so you know exactly what condition your wheels will be in when you order them.

Our online ordering system makes it easy to place your order around the clock. If you need to talk to one of our live wheel experts,  call us anytime  M-F 8:00am – 6:30pm, with Saturday morning hours of 8:30am to 2:00pm. We know that your business may operate outside of conventional 9-5 business day, and we strive to accommodate that with our extended customer service hours.

Need a wheel right now? Expedited shipping is built into our online ordering system! All orders placed by 6:15pm EST on business days ship the same day!

Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions is the premier choice for all of your OEM wheel product needs!

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