Dismantler Sales Program

At Blackburn’s Hubcap & Wheel Solutions, we are committed to making it easy to do business with us. Along with our various wheel buying programs, we offer our Dismantler Sales Program. Whether you’re purchasing 1 wheel or 100 wheels, our team can help make the process seamless.

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Purchasing Up to 12 Wheels

When purchasing 12 items or less, please use the following contact information:

Paul Pearsall Office: 800/981-8321 x117 or x131 Instant Message: paulpearsall117


Brent Mantz Office: 800/981-8321 x133 or x107 Instant Message: bmantz133


Ed Cogar Office: 800/981-8321 x 116 or x125 Instant Message: edcogar116 edc@blackburnwheels.com

Purchasing More than 12 Wheels

If you plan to purchase more than 12 wheels from Blackburn’s, please contact the following:

Bob Pasal Office: 800/981-8321 x127 Cell: 440/227-9432


For administrative Issues, contact:

George Popovich: Office: 800/981-8321 x115


Instructions for Pinnacle

Below are instructions to move us up on Pinnacle:

Go to Management > Utilities > Setup PinnacleNet Partners. Look for URG – Blackburn Wheels and move URG – Blackburn Wheels up in your yard order and you will now see our parts.

Lookup a wheel interchange 1004

Eden Instructions

Our core prices are populating on EDEN exchange. You also can set us up as an EDEN exchange partner. Once completed, our new & refurbished wheels show on exchange, making it easy for our sales department to quote & order our product.

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