Frequently Asked Questions About Rechroming

Do you offer quantity discounts for car clubs?

Yes, Blackburn offers an additional 10% off for 6 or more bumpers at a time. Ask your specialist for details.

What if my bumper has a bend or is twisted?

Included in our bumper rechroming pricing is the professional removal and repair of all dings, dents and twists.

Do I need to take the brackets off?

Yes,  please remove all brackets, lights bolts and hardware.

How do I prep my bumper before re-chroming?

just remove all hardware

Do the backs of the bumper get treated?

Yes,  after being checked in, the bumpers are sandblasted on the back and inspected to see if they have enough metal to make it through the re-chroming process. Once your bumper is re-chromed it will be clean for paint when done. Here are some custom rechroming examples.

What if I have two holes drilled for fog lights I don’t want?

Your bumper will be brought back to OE look; therefore all non OEM holes are filled unless otherwise indicated by the customer.

How do I know I am getting my original bumper back?

Each unit gets a metal stamped job number on the back side of the bumper that corresponds with your invoice.

Do you have a warranty on your work?

Yes,  our bumper rechromings carry a lifetime warranty on the finish, ask your specialist about the details.

What gets done in the process of plating?

The part is electroplated with a nickel strike and copper. After buffing, it is plated a single thickness semi-bright nickel and a double thickness bright nickel and then chrome. Our chrome is hexavalent, which is the same as OEM. The parts are individually hand racked by very skilled plating personnel to deliver just the right amount of current to each part of the piece, compensating for points, curves, recesses, and distances between the anodes.

Do you do trim pieces?

No , we specialize in the restoration and plating of bumpers and guards.

How long will it take to get the job done?

Depending on the time of year or the size of the job, normally the process takes 8 weeks minimum.

Do you need a deposit or can I pay up front?

Normally we do not require a deposit, but certain larger jobs may require a deposit. Yes, you can pay in advance or leave a down payment if desired.

Why is bumper rechroming sometimes more expensive than buying new?

Most are not available , the condition of the core some take more work than others, a lot  aftermarket replacements have fit problems and have poor chroming

What is the average turnaround time for my bumper?

10-12 weeks

How do I take care of my newly re-chromed bumper?

soft paste wax

Do you offer a warranty on bumper rechroming?

all bumpers carry a Lifetime warranty on the finish