OEM Wheel Buying Programs

There are 3 different programs available to sell your product to Blackburn

Core Value Program

The Core Value Program from Blackburn is available to all URG members. Our core prices populate on Eden Exchange supported by Buddy Automotive Software. The weekly buy list is available through URG on Checkmate, Powerlink 2, Pinnacle Classic and Pinnacle Pro. Suppliers participating in our core value program will receive a 25% discount when purchasing, free shipping, and no return core is required.

Presort & Ship

Pull cores you want to sell and we’ll arrange a pickup. Stage cores on skids or in Gaylord boxes and once you have 4-6 we will pick them up and pay for the load. Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Pull alloy cores and stage on skids or Gaylord boxes; assemble at least 4 skids. A “How To” video is available on our We Buy Page.

Step 2. Contact Bob Pasal at 1-800-981-8321 x127 or Bobp@blackburnwheels.com. Bob will schedule a carrier to pick up the freight.

Step 3. Bob will provide a Bill Of Lading (BOL), make copies and attach one to each skid.

Step 4. Once product is received at Blackburn’s facility, we will take inventory and provide a check-in manifest with a total sale amount.

Step 5. Use the total sale amount to create an invoice and send it to Bob.

Step 6. Blackburn will issue a purchase order and submit payment within 2-3 weeks.

Inventory Purges

Create an inventory list of any alloy and steel wheels you would like to sell and email your list to Bob Pasal at bobp@blackburnwheels.com. We will review the list and provide a price for each wheel we want to purchase. Excel spreadsheet preferred.

Chrome and Chrome Clad Wheels: Chrome/face of  the wheel must be in good condition; cannot have any damage or peeling on the face of the wheel. Minor front and rear lip bends and corrosion are acceptable.
Steel Wheels: Must be structurally sound with no lughole damage or lip bends; minor corrosion is acceptable.

Additional information is available under the “We Buy” tab on blackburnwheels.com
You can also contact Bob Pasal at 800.981.8321 x 127

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