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Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions is proud to offer bumper rechroming services that are simply unrivaled in the industry. We combine years of professional experience rechroming bumpers with our passion for satisfying classic car enthusiasts and other automotive clients. Our results are rechromed bumpers that look amazing! For personal service you can speak with one of our OEM wheel component experts. View our custom rechroming page for examples of our work as well as other parts that we may be able to rechrome for you.  Also please view our bumper rechroming FAQ page if you have additional questions on our bumper rechroming services.

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Blackburn’s Bumper Rechroming Process

Before the rechroming process can begin, the bumper will undergo a quick visual inspection.  This alerts us to any issues in the bumper that we need to be aware of during the rechroming process. There are several steps we take to ensure our customers are completely satisfied with our service:

  • The bumper is sandblasted on the back and inspected to see if there is sufficient metal to endure the rechroming process.
  • If the bumper passes inspection it is then sent to be straightened. Our experienced professionals remove all the dents and take out any other tweaks or irregularities.
  • We then nickel strip the bumper. This is done chemically to achieve the best surface possible for re-plating.
  • From there they go to grinding, this to even out any high spots and to ensure we have an ideal surface for plating.
  • Next, we high speed polish the bumper to completely smooth out any grind marks. This concludes the surface prep for the bumper.
  • The bumper goes through a detailed inspection where guard and piece fit is checked.
  • Once fitment is verified, the bumper is copper plated
  • The bumper is DA(dual action) sanded and buffed to a mirror finish (no pits or irregularities can be left or they will be very obvious when viewing the finished product.)
  • Finally, the bumper is ready to be nickel-chrome plated.

Blackburn’s Plating Process

The part is electroplated with a nickel strike and copper. After buffing, it is plated a single thickness semi-bright nickel, a double thickness bright nickel, and then finally chrome. Our chrome is hexavalent, which is the same as OEM. The parts are individually hand racked by very skilled plating personnel to deliver just the right amount of current to each part of the piece, compensating for points, curves, recesses, and distances between the anodes. The last step is to give each piece its final inspection and perform any extra buffing if necessary. If a part is rejected, it may go back to buffing for a minor flaw, or all the way back to stripping and welding if a major flaw develops, before coming back to be plated again.

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