The Average Lifespan of OEM Wheels

In previous blogs, we have established that OEM Wheels are preferred over aftermarket wheels, to ensure safety and longevity. But what is average mileage or lifespan of an OEM wheel? While an OEM wheel is sure to last longer than a tire that has direct contact with the ground surface, it does have an expiration date. However, it is impossible to determine the lifespan of a wheel because individual usage and conditions vary from vehicle to vehicle.

Slush, road salt and other wintery conditions can take their toll on your wheels. Taking measures to avoid driving in these conditions or parking inside a garage as often as you can, will help to preserve the lifespan of your wheels. Having a set of winter wheels that you switch out on your vehicle during the colder months can increase the lifespan of your wheels as well.

While you may not live in an area with harsh winters, driving conditions like potholes and off-roading can contribute to shortening the lifespan of your wheels. Try avoiding streets that you know are corroded or poorly cared for. If off-roading is part of your lifestyle, be mindful of the risks it can pose to your wheel set and keep a close eye out for corrosion.

One sign to look for in aging wheels is pitting or peeling finish. While at first glance, this may simply appear to be a cosmetic issue, it can lead to early corrosion of your wheels. You may also notice slow leaks in your tire pressure as a sign that your wheels are aging. If this is the case, a tire technician can Evaluate whether or not there is an issue with the tires that can be fixed or if wheel replacement is necessary. The good news is that both issues can be addressed by a tire center or body shop for a fraction of the price it takes to replace your wheels.

Your wheels can last forever if you take good care of them in favorable conditions. However, if any of the above conditions are present, be aware that you should be checking for corrosion periodically and taking the necessary steps to correct any issues. Are your wheels already beyond repair? Check out our Wheelfinder tool to find a new set of OEM wheels.

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