The Wheel Refinishing Process

Replace or refinish? When it comes to assessing your OEM wheels and what to do next, that’s probably a question that has crossed your mind.

At Blackburn, it is our goal to offer as many solutions to your needs as possible. Depending on the condition of your wheels, complete reconditioning and refacing might be an option for you.

Before beginning the process, each wheel will be inspected to determine if it is structurally safe to repair. If the wheel passes initial tests, it will then go through a multi-step process.

This article will help take you through each of the steps in how the wheel refinishing process works. Each wheel will go through every step necessary in this process before it is shipped out.

Rim straightening

While much of the refinishing process revolves around the cosmetic cleanup of a wheel, the first step in our process is to make sure the wheel is set to perform to the highest of standards. 

This includes making sure the wheel is running true. A dial indicator can help measure runout to determine if—and exactly where—a wheel is bent.

If a wheel needs to be straightened, it will go through a detailed process that includes heating the rim and pushing and/or pulling it back into shape.

Wheel machining services

If you are simply refinishing the wheels on your current car or fleet of automobiles, this step may not be necessary. But if you are in the market for purchasing refinished wheels from Blackburn, the machining process will make sure they are customized to fit your needs.

The machining process can include opening the center bore, shaving or even changing the existing bolt pattern on a wheel so that it will match up perfectly with your automobiles.

The process also includes any necessary sanding or other work needed to smooth curb rash, scratches or other blemishes from the wheel.

Stripping of the wheels

Now that the wheels are in optimal working order, it is time to get them to look like new. And that begins with stripping them down to prepare them for new paint.

The stripping of the wheels includes the removal of any remaining dirt and debris from the normal wear and tear of normal use. This will also help clean up any remaining grease or oil the wheel might have picked up.

Furthermore, the wheel will be stripped of its old paint and clear coat layers that have likely broken down over time.

Priming and painting 

It is time to put the finishing touches on the reconditioned wheels, and that starts with priming them to prep them for a new paint job.

The wheels are then painted, and finally finished with a new clear coat that protects all the rehab work that has been accomplished and makes them look good as new and ready to be shipped out.

One thing to remember is that the wheels are inspected every step of the way through this process to ensure that everything conforms to our highest standards, which either parallel or exceed manufacturer specifications.

Follow the link if you are interested in learning more about the alloy wheel refinishing process, want to see before-and-after examples or would like to contact one of our specialists to review your options.

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