This Month In Automotive History: September

The automobile has gone through many changes in its relatively short evolution to the modern vehicles we see on the road today. This month, Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions celebrates notable achievements in automotive history that have taken place during the month of September.

September 3, 1875


Prolific automotive engineer Ferdinand Porsche is born in what is now known as the Czech Republic. Apart from founding Porsche, Ferdinand is credited with countless innovations in engine design, designing the Mercedes Benz SS/SSK. He also lent his talents to Volkswagen, credited as the main designer of the Volkswagen Beetle.

September 4, 1917

Henry Ford II aka Hank The Deuce was born, the oldest of Henry Ford’s grandchildren. Hank was president of Ford for 15 years and became CEO for nearly twenty additional years. Most notably, Ford Motor Company went public in 1956 while Hank was CEO.

September 5, 1885

Sylvanus Bowser manufactures the first gasoline pump in Fort Wayne, Indiana and delivers it to a grocer in Fort Wayne. The pump is designed for kerosene and other liquid fuel, less than 20 years later the world would see its first drive in gasoline station in Pennsylvania, PA.

September 7, 1979

In need of a $1.5 billion loan from the government, Chrysler Corporation receives a gargantuan taxpayer bailout that proceeds the 2008 auto crisis by nearly 30 years.

September 10, 1897

George W. Smith crashes an electric taxi cab in London while intoxicated, becoming the first person to ever be arrested for drunken driving. He pled guilty and was forced to pay a relatively small fine of 25 shillings.

September 13, 1899

Henry Bliss is struck and killed by an automobile in NYC, becoming the first known pedestrian to be killed by a moving vehicle.

September 16, 1908


General Motors is incorporated as GM by William Crapo Durant. Durant was majority controller of Buick at the time, and GM was setup primarily as a holding company for Buick.

September 17th, 1964


The James Bond flick “Goldfinger” debuts, giving the world their first view of James Bond’s famous Aston Martin DB5.

September 25, 1926

Henry Ford cuts the work day to 8 hours and doubles his workers pay. Somehow, this increased productivity at his factories and the 40 hour work week was born.

September 29,1987

Henry “Hank The Deuce” Ford II, grandson of Ford Motor Company Henry Ford dies.

September 30, 1955


Famous Hollywood actor James Dean dies in a car crash while traveling to a racing competition. Dean was only 24 years old. Pictured above is Dean in his Porsche several months before his untimely death.

Did we miss anything? If we forgot a notable event in automotive history that happened in the month of September, let us know and we’ll add it to our list! Don’t forget, when we’re not putting these fun articles together, we’re still your number one source for OEM wheels, hubcaps and more!

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