OEM Wheel Buying Programs

Presort & Ship

Pull the cores you want to sell and we’ll arrange a pickup. Stage cores on skids. Once you have 4-6 skids,  we will pick them up and pay for the load. Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Pull alloy cores and stage on skids; assemble at least 4 skids. A “How To” video is available on our We Buy Page.

Step 2. Contact us at cores@blackburnwheels.com. We will schedule a carrier to pick up the freight.

Step 3. We will provide a Bill Of Lading (BOL), make copies, and attach one to each skid.

Step 4. Once the product is received at Blackburn’s facility, we will take inventory and provide a check-in manifest with a total sale amount.

Step 5. Use the total sale amount to create an invoice and send it to cores@blackburnwheels.com.

Step 6. Blackburn will issue a purchase order and submit payment within 2-3 weeks.

Inventory Purges

Create an inventory list of any alloy and steel wheels you would like to sell and email your list to cores@blackburnwheels.com. We will review the list and provide a price for each wheel we want to purchase. An Excel spreadsheet is preferred.

Chrome and Chrome Clad Wheels: The chrome/face of the wheel must be in good condition; it cannot have any damage or peeling on the face of the wheel. Minor front and rear lip bends and corrosion are acceptable.

Steel Wheels: Must be structurally sound with no lughole damage or lip bends; minor corrosion is acceptable.

Additional information is available under the “We Buy” tab on blackburnwheels.com.
You can also email us at cores@blackburnwheels.com.

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