What is an “A” Condition used OEM Wheel?

At Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions, we solve problems. Specifically, we solve wheel problems. Even more specifically, we solve OEM wheel problems. While we pride ourselves on holding the largest privately owned inventory of new OEM wheels and hubcaps in the United States, we wouldn’t be doing our best to solve our customers’ potential problems if we only focused on new wheels. After all, wheels are made of strong metals – either steel or aluminum alloy – and they can last a long time. Even wheels that have been damaged can be reconditioned back to original equipment specifications, assuming of course that their was limited damage that didn’t affect the wheel’s structural integrity, etc.

Offering used and reconditioned wheels to our clients provides us with another cost-saving option for your company to consider. While the majority of our business lies in Business-To-Business sector (we are nationally recognized OE Wheel Distributors), we do also sell wheels directly to the consumer. Obviously, businesses and consumers alike can benefit from the availability of a used wheel that has been reconditioned to specs but costs significantly less than a new replacement. While reconditioned wheels are a great savings option, today we would like to discuss our used wheels, specifically what a Grade A used wheel means when you buy from Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions

We only buy used wheels that are in very good condition to begin with. We will not sell used wheels that have been damaged in a way that would affect the safety or performance of the wheel. When we purchase used wheels, they are all tested and inspected by our skilled and experienced OE wheel experts.

To be positioned to offer our clients with as many OEM wheel options as possible while being transparent about the condition of the wheel, we’ve come up with a grading system for our used wheels. Our best condition used wheels are called “Grade A” and are a great way to save money while still getting a wheel that is in great condition. Even our “Grade B” used wheels have only 3-5 cosmetic blemishes. Any more cosmetic damage than that, and we would either restore the wheel to OEM specs and recondition the wheel and its perform and look identical to the original. Those wheels are not part of our used A and B grading system, but rather are sold as “reconditioned wheels”.

What Does “Grade A” Mean to Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions?

Our used Grade A wheels have been previously mounted and driven on a vehicle. However, after procurement of any used wheel, it is tested and inspected for any defects. You can expect to see one or two cosmetic blemishes, but anything over that would be classified as a Grade B wheel.

Our grade A and B used wheels, combined with our reconditioned and new OEM wheels provide our customers with many different wheel solutions. Whether you’re an end user consumer looking for one wheel or a large corporation looking to build a lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with an OE Wheel distribution company, you can benefit from the variety of OE wheel product solutions offered at Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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