What is an OEM Wheel?

To understand what OEM wheels are, you must first start with the acronym OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer. An original equipment manufacturer is a company that produces parts or equipment that may be marketed by another manufacturer.

In the automotive industry, OEM wheels are those that were assembled and installed during the construction of a new vehicle. When a restorer or collector is looking for an OEM wheel, they are looking for the wheel that’s been factory made and is identical to the wheel they are replacing. They are looking for the “equipment” made by the “original manufacturer.” These OEM wheels are considered the best replacement.

There are several key benefits to using OEM wheels. Most importantly, the quality of an OEM wheel is unmatched by aftermarket wheels. Engineers design OEM wheels specific to each vehicle. The design is created following manufacturers’ safety standards and regulations. All OEM wheels undergo continuous quality inspection during and after the manufacturing process. You can rest assured that your OEM wheels are made specifically for your vehicle and will perform the duty intended by the manufacturer.

When replacing your OEM wheels with aftermarket product, durability could an issue. While you may save money initially on aftermarket wheels you are also taking a risk. Aftermarket wheels are usually made with cheaper materials and manufacturers release new designs constantly. These wheels can bend and crack easily. Depending on how many were produced, you might not be able to find one for replacement and you’d have to buy another full set. Using an aftermarket wheel can also pose a threat to your warranty coverage. If you choose not to replace a part in line with manufacturer specifications, you may not be able to file a warranty claim.

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