Wheel Revenue 2014

Expect the wheel revenue this spring!!

With all the wintery weather we have been experiencing across the nation, we will be expecting much collateral damage to come.   Expect your customers to be in need of a replacement OEM wheel some time this spring or summer.  Most will not even realize it untill they start doing their spring clean up on the vehicle and notice that scuff or bend that occurred  while they were making their way through the slushy snow.  Many will discover heavy corrosion on their OEM alloy wheels due to the chemicals in the many different products used to battle the snow on the roads and highways.  As the plows continue to tear up the roads this winter,  the pot holes will become deeper and bigger, being almost impossible to avoid.  It is easy to get bogged down and discouraged through the winter, but look past all the cold wintery weather to the wheel revenue on the horizon.



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