Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions: Buying Programs


3 Programs available to sell YOUR products to US

The Core Value Program – for URG members only.

Our weekly buy list is available through URG on Checkmate, Powerlink 2, Pinnacle Classic and Pinnacle Pro. Participating suppliers will receive, a 25% discount when purchasing, free shipping and no core returns.

Presort & Ship

Pull the cores you want to sell and we’ll arrange a pickup. Stage cores on skids or in Gaylord boxes and once you have 4-6 we will pick them up. For steps, follow the link to: Presort & Ship Steps

Inventory Purges

Send over any inventory lists of wheels that you would like to thin out of your shelves. We will review and provide a price for each wheel we want to purchase.


Please contact: Bob Pasal at 1-800-981-8321 x 127 or

We Buy:

Blackburn buys OEM “Original Equipment Manufacturer” aluminum and steel wheels, 2011 or newer OEM products and factory original hubcaps. This includes classic and antique hubcaps and OEM center caps. We purchase from manufacturers, distributors, recyclers, dismantlers and individuals.

Chrome & Chrome Clad Wheels:

Must be in good condition, no damage or peeling on the face of the wheel and minor front & rear lip bends and corrosion are acceptable

Steel Wheels:

Must be structurally sound with no lughole damage or lip bends. Minor corrosion is acceptable.

For more information, visit Blackburn We Buy or download Buying-Program.



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