Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions Quality Products

OEM Refinished, Aftermarket, New, and Used Wheels for both Steel and Alloy applications

OEM Refinished Wheels 

Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions’ flagship product is our high-quality OEM refinished wheels. OEM refinished wheels were once on the road and have since been retired with the vehicle. Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions sources wheels for light-duty cars and trucks and puts them through a rigorous inspection and reconditioning process, restoring them to their original condition. OEM refinished wheels are a great cost-effective alternative offering the same quality of fit and finish as OEM dealer wheels.

Aftermarket Wheels

Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions offers a great aftermarket alternative for hard-to-find OEM reconditioned wheels. Blackburn’s new aftermarket wheels are a high-quality alternative to OEM wheels that have the same look, fit, and finish as traditional OEM wheels. Our aftermarket wheels allow Blackburn to offer a high quality where OEM wheels fall short.

New Wheels

We stock new OEM wheels (Factory) that have never been mounted on a vehicle. These wheels are identical to the factory wheels that come on your vehicle and are made by the exact same manufacturer. Use our Wheelfinder tool to search OEM wheels for sale.

We also carry like-new “Take-Off” OEM alloy wheels that were mounted on a new car while in the showroom but were removed by the customer who wanted something different after purchase.

Used Wheels

Blackburn also carries used steel and alloy wheels and we take pride in providing Grade A and B condition wheels that are superior to those of our competitors.