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Blackburn Wheels buys OEM Wheels , OEM Hubcaps and more…

Why Sell Your Factory OEM Wheels to Blackburn?

  • We are buyers of OEM “Original Equipment Manufacturer” aluminum and steel wheels only
  • No custom or aftermarket
  • We only purchase 2011 and newer OEM products

The products we purchase must be overstock or excess OEM wheels, discontinued OEM wheels, factory take-off wheels, used OEM wheels and core OEM wheels. In addition, we purchase factory original hubcaps including classic and antique hubcaps and OEM center caps. We purchase from manufacturers, distributors, recyclers, dismantlers and individuals.

Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions gives you several options to maximize sales and profile. Get more information on our wheel buying programs, URG Core Value Program, and the Dismantler Selling Program.

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Dismantler Sales Program

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Buying Program

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What Do We Look For?

Not sure what type of wheels we purchase? View our brief slideshow to learn more about what we are looking for.

Shipping Out Skids of Cores?

Take a look at how we build ours.