OEM Hubcaps & Wheel Covers

Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions offers an unmatched inventory of OEM hubcaps, replacement hubcaps, and used wheel covers. Our OEM hubcaps are the same as you’d find at the dealership but at a deep discount. Whether you need just one OEM hubcap replacement or need replacement hubcaps by the pallet, Blackburn is the best source for hubcaps and wheels available online using our WheelFinder.

wheel covers and hubcaps at Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions' warehouse

OEM hubcaps for sale (wheel covers) at Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions

Replacement OEM Wheel Covers & Hubcaps For Sale

Whether you call them wheel covers or hubcaps, Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions has what you need. Hubcaps are the plastic piece that covers and protect steel wheels, hence the name, wheel covers. Blackburn offers a full range of OEM factory hubcaps, both foreign and domestic. We offer new OEM hubcaps wheel covers, refinished OEM hubcaps, and used factory original hubcaps for sale. Our options allow for more flexibility when choices are important.

OEM Hubcap Distribution Services

Blackburn offers new and used OEM hubcaps (wheel covers) for the vast majority of vehicles on the road, but it is our outstanding services and attention to detail that makes us the perfect partner for your OE wheel related business.

Blind Drop Ship Our Selection of OEM Hubcaps

Access to the Blackburn WheelFinder site includes the ability to drop ship our entire inventory directly to your customers. Our plain and discretely packaged hubcap replacement shipment will arrive to your door with only your company’s information attached to the invoice and absolutely zero indications that your company was not the shipper. Benefit from our vast inventory and logistical expertise by saving warehouse space and other invaluable company resources.

Our blind drop shipping services provide great value to our customers across many industries, from body shops to insurance companies purchasing hubcaps in bulk. These services are available no matter how much product is needed, but make a huge difference for our clients that purchase product in bulk.

Our “blind” drop shipping services provide many cost saving options:

  • Same day FedEx ground shipping included on all orders placed before 6:15 PM EST on all business days.
  • Expedited shipping options for customers who need hubcaps or wheels urgently.
  • 100% blind drop shipping, your customers will not know the difference. Only your company’s name will appear on the invoices attached to your drop shipped orders.
  • Reduce unneeded inventory and save on warehousing costs.
  • More than just OEM hubcaps, all of our inventory is available for drop shipping. Drop shipped orders are safely and discretely packaged in plain, unbranded cardboard boxes.

If you’d like to place an order via phone, or simply learn more about our OEM wheel products and services, give us a call at 1-800-981-8321 and we’d be happy to discuss your needs.

Visit Blackburn’s WheelFinder below for access to the largest privately owned inventory of OEM Hubcaps, wheels and wheel products in the country.

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