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Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions

Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions is the nation’s premier distributor of OEM factory wheels.With over 25 years in the OEM hubcap and wheel business, Blackburn knows the demands of the industry better than anyone else. The high level of commitment from the top down, in this family owned and operated business, is what keeps Blackburn #1 in customer service and product offering. Staying true to its core business keeps Blackburn’s focus sharp providing unparalleled value to its customers spanning North America.


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  • 5 Cars That Help Us Sell OEM Wheels!

    Blackburn OEM Wheels offers factory replacement wheels, hubcaps and center caps to large corporations and end users alike. There is usually a very strong correlation in between the sales of a specific car model and our business. In other words, the more popular the car, the more often people need to buy wheel replacements. It’s […]

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  • Are OEM Wheels and OEM Rims the same thing?

    Working in the OEM wheel industry makes us the go to source for wheel information from our friends and family outside of work. It’s not uncommon for any one of our employees to be approached by a friend or family member at a party or other social gathering and asked a question about wheels, rims, […]

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  • What is a “B” Condition used OEM Wheel?

    Last month we discussed how Blackburn evaluates and grades our selection of used OEM wheels. Specifically, we discussed our Grade A used wheels and the grading criteria that we use to evaluate a used wheel, as well as what steps we take throughout our the procurement process to ensure we are able to provide our customers with […]

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  • Ford F150 OEM Wheels Spotlight

    The Ford F150 is one of the most popular trucks that ever graced the American highways. To this day, Ford F-150 OEM wheels continue to be one of our best selling wheels. It makes sense that a utilitarian truck such as the F-150 would need replacement wheels more frequently than say, a Ford Taurus, as […]

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  • What is an “A” Condition used OEM Wheel?

    At Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions, we solve problems. Specifically, we solve wheel problems. Even more specifically, we solve OEM wheel problems. While we pride ourselves on holding the largest privately owned inventory of new OEM wheels and hubcaps in the United States, we wouldn’t be doing our best to solve our customers’ potential problems if […]

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  • The Cost Benefits of Partnering With A Rim Distributor

    The cost benefits of partnering with a rim distributor are obvious. Ideally, your rim distributor will offer wholesale prices that save your company money and thus make your company more profitable. While there are many benefits of partnering with an OE wheel distributor, we’d like to focus on what sets us apart from other OEM […]

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  • Storing Steel Rims in the Off-Season

    Anyone that lives in an area that experiences its fair share of winter weather knows the importance of winter wheels and tires. But once spring arrives and the snow melts, you might be wondering about the best way to store your winter wheels. Depending on your circumstances, you may need to store your wheels, tires, […]

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  • How To Find Out If Your Used Car Came With OEM Or Aftermarket Wheels

    As you may know by now, there are essentially two types of wheels that come on a new car: OEM alloy wheels and OEM Steel wheels. OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer and simply indicates that these are the wheels put on your auto by the manufacturer during the car’s build at the factory. If […]

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  • How To Find Your Car’s Production Year

    If you are wondering how to find your car’s production year, you are not alone. The production year of a vehicle is not the same as the model year, and in fact are usually not the same. If you car’s model year is 2008, it may have been manufactured in 2008, but there’s a better chance […]

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