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Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions

Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions is the nation’s premier distributor of OEM factory wheels.With over 25 years in the OEM hubcap and wheel business, Blackburn knows the demands of the industry better than anyone else. The high level of commitment from the top down, in this family owned and operated business, is what keeps Blackburn #1 in customer service and product offering. Staying true to its core business keeps Blackburn’s focus sharp providing unparalleled value to its customers spanning North America.


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  • Recap: Chicago Auto Show 2017

    On Monday, February 20th The Chicago Auto Show successfully closed out its 109th show! The nine-day world class celebration of classic automobiles and cutting-edge cars featured nearly 1,000 automobiles on display for attendees to enjoy on a showroom floor spanning more than 1 million square feet. Now the largest auto show in the nation, the […]

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  • Guide: Determining the Size of Your Wheels

      Last month we discussed whether or not mismatched wheels and tires are safe on the road. It was determined that mismatched wheels can be a temporary solution, so long as the front two wheels match and the two rear wheels match. However, the best and safest option when you’re just replacing one or two […]

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  • Are Mismatched Wheels and Tires Safe on the Road?

    Many situations could arise in which you will need to replace your wheels and tires. It can happen naturally over time as your tires build up wear or you could encounter an instant flat, scratch a wheel on a curb or bend it from a pothole. Whatever the case may be, you probably won’t want […]

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  • Alloy Wheels Vs. Steel Wheels Pros & Cons Guide

    Choosing the right wheel for your vehicle is extremely important. When it comes down to it there are two types of wheels to choose from: alloy wheels and steel wheels. Each type of material has its advantages and disadvantages. From price to performance, this guide will compare the pros and cons of each type of […]

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  • Top 10 Selling Ford Models of All-Time

    The Ford Motor Company has been a top manufacturer of motor vehicles for more than a century now. The company’s innovations revolutionized the automobile industry and have helped put the world on wheels. From the Model T to the latest models, Ford has produced over 350 million vehicles to date. Below are the top selling […]

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  • 5 Winter Driving Tips to Protect Your Wheels & Tires

    Driving during the Winter can be both difficult and stressful. Therefore, it is best to know and apply every possible advantage to your vehicle to combat the cold weather, ice, and snow when driving in Winter conditions. Snow Tires for More Traction Winter Tires are particularly helpful when it comes to turning and stopping. This […]

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  • OEM Vs. Aftermarket Wheels: What You Need to Know

    Whether replacing one damaged alloy wheel or picking up a set of steel wheels for winter, today’s consumer has essentially two wheel replacement options: OEM Replica or Aftermarket Wheels. OEM wheels are made by the original equipment manufacturer and are exact replicas of the wheel that came with your car. Aftermarket Wheels are made by […]

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  • 5 Fall Driving Tips to Keep You Safe

    Fall is a great time of year, full of pumpkin patches, Thanksgiving dinners, hay rides and all those other awesome autumn activities. While it’s not as dangerous as winter can be in much of the United States, the fall season has its own dangers when it comes to driving conditions that you should be prepared […]

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  • 5 Cars That Help Us Sell OEM Wheels!

    Blackburn OEM Wheels offers factory replacement wheels, hubcaps and center caps to large corporations and end users alike. There is usually a very strong correlation in between the sales of a specific car model and our business. In other words, the more popular the car, the more often people need to buy wheel replacements. It’s […]

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