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Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions

Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions is the nation’s premier distributor of OEM factory wheels.With over 25 years in the OEM hubcap and wheel business, Blackburn knows the demands of the industry better than anyone else. The high level of commitment from the top down, in this family owned and operated business, is what keeps Blackburn #1 in customer service and product offering. Staying true to its core business keeps Blackburn’s focus sharp providing unparalleled value to its customers spanning North America.


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  • The Cost Benefits of Partnering With A Rim Distributor

    The cost benefits of partnering with a rim distributor are obvious. Ideally, your rim distributor will offer wholesale prices that save your company money and thus make your company more profitable. While there are many benefits of partnering with an OE wheel distributor, we’d like to focus on what sets us apart from other OEM […]

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  • Storing Steel Rims in the Off-Season

    Anyone that lives in an area that experiences its fair share of winter weather knows the importance of winter wheels and tires. But once spring arrives and the snow melts, you might be wondering about the best way to store your winter wheels. Depending on your circumstances, you may need to store your wheels, tires, […]

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  • How To Find Out If Your Used Car Came With OEM Or Aftermarket Wheels

    As you may know by now, there are essentially two types of wheels that come on a new car: OEM alloy wheels and OEM Steel wheels. OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer and simply indicates that these are the wheels put on your auto by the manufacturer during the car’s build at the factory. If […]

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  • How To Find Your Car’s Production Year

    If you are wondering how to find your car’s production year, you are not alone. The production year of a vehicle is not the same as the model year, and in fact are usually not the same. If you car’s model year is 2008, it may have been manufactured in 2008, but there’s a better chance […]

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  • How To Get Rid Of Old Rims

    If you have just replaced your damaged rims with brand spankin’ new OEM wheels, you may have found yourself with some extra steel or alloy on your hands. Hopefully, the auto shop that put your new wheels on was able to dispose of your old rims and tires, if necessary. The DIY enthusiast, however, may […]

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  • 5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Car Enthusiast

    Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift can be a difficult task. To find that perfect gift, you must of course know what your significant other’s hobbies and interest are. If there’s one thing we can relate to at Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions, it’s an undying passion for all things auto. If your Valentine is a […]

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  • 5 Creative Ideas to Display Your Vintage or Antique Rims

      It should be of no surprise that the Blackburn team loves a beautiful vintage rim that has kept its quality throughout the tests of time. So instead of giving away or throwing out your antique rims, we wanted to give you five creative ideas for displaying them instead. From whimsical to polished, we have […]

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  • Buying Used Wheels and Rims

    Buying used wheels and rims can be a great way to save money if you have a damaged rim or are simply looking to have an extra set on hand. While new, factory OEM wheels are usually the preferred option, if you can find a wheel in good condition at the right price, it might […]

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  • Should You Put Hubcaps On Your Steel Rims?

    If you run alloy wheels in the summer and switch to steelies for your snow tires in the winter, you may want to know if it’s worth the money and trouble to get some hubcaps for your steel wheels. Or maybe you simply lost a hubcap to a pothole and are trying to figure out […]

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