What is your shipping method?

FedEx ground service is our preferred method of shipping, we do however ship UPS and USPS. Expedited and overnight service is available at additional cost. Our inventory is available for immediate release, and will ship within 24 hours of the purchase. See the Fedex Ground Service Chart for transit times.


Do you repair damaged wheels?

Yes, alloy wheel refinishing is one of our specialties. We have invested in specialized wheel repair equipment used to bring damaged OEM alloy wheels back to factory tolerances. We do not repair steel rims as it is more economical to replace a bent steel wheel than to repair it. Please shop our large inventory to find a replacement steel wheel.

Do you guarantee your parts?

We guarantee that the parts purchased from Blackburn will be quality parts and will meet your replacement needs. We guarantee that each of our OEM wheels will properly balance with a quality tire, will not vibrate, and will fit the vehicle correctly. However, there is no road or hazard warranty or liability on any wheel.


Do you sell used wheels?

Yes, we do! We inventory the best in used OEM wheels, including used alloy wheels and used steel wheels.  Our entire selection of used products undergo a 3-step quality control process before the item(s) are shipped. We pride ourselves in offering a quality product at a discounted rate. Click here to purchase wheels. 


Do you purchase wheels?

Yes, we buy OEM factory wheels. We purchase core wheels, used wheels, take-off wheels, and new products. We do not buy aftermarket wheels. No purchase is too large for Blackburn! Click here to view what types of wheels we purchase. 


Will a refinished wheel match the other wheels on my vehicle?

Wheels come in a variety of finishes. Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions has a team of skilled finish associates that color-match all of our wheels to the manufacturer’s OE specification. Matching the original wheel color, tone, and shade ensures you receive the right wheel for your vehicle.

How quickly can I receive a wheel?

If you choose to buy a replacement wheel from our inventory it will ship within 24 hours. If we are refinishing your existing damaged wheel the process will take 3 to 5 days plus shipping time. 

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