Core Buying


Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions offer several programs to make core buying easy! Whether you’re an auto recycler, auto dismantler, or just want to clean out your shop, our core buying programs put extra cash in your pocket.

Core Value Program for URG Members

If you have excess inventory of OEM steel and OEM alloy wheels, Blackburn offers the Core Value Program for members of the United Recycled Group (URG). URG Members receive updated core buying lists every Friday which also integrates with Checkmate, Powerlink 2, Pinnacle Classic, and Pinnacle Pro. Auto recyclers and dismantlers who participate in our core buying programs are not required to return a core when purchasing an alloy wheel and receive a 25% discount.

Presort and Ship Program

Companies with large inventories can take advantage of Blackburn’s Presort and Ship core buying program. Set aside cores you want to sell that are in good condition and structurally sound. Once you have at least 4 skids worth of alloy cores, contact Bob Pasal and he will arrange for freight pickup. Once we receive the load, we’ll create a Check-In Manifest which breaks down the value of each wheel. You will receive a payment for the total amount detailed on the manifest.

Inventory Purge Program

Increase your cash flow by selling excess inventory with our Inventory Purge core buying program. Simply make a list of the alloy and steel cores you want to sell and send your list to us. We will provide you with the most accurate and competitive price possible for each wheel.

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