2020 Automotive Rollout: New Contenders and Old Favorites

So far, 2020 has been a unique year on many fronts. While most of this year has been riddled with bad news, the car industry rolled out some exciting new things to keep us on our toes. From Elon Musk’s glimpse into the future to Ford’s ode to the past, there was no shortage of surprises in the auto industry.

Ford Bronco

Yes. That’s right. Kick up some dirt and crank the nostalgia tunes. The Bronco is back! With a dedicated fanbase, this SUV rollout is sure to draw some eyes this year. The Ford Bronco was discontinued in the 1990’s after the infamous OJ Simpson police chase, but as that memory begins to fade, the pedal is to the floor. Ford plans to position the Bronco as a lifestyle vehicle, drawing on its rich heritage as a true sport utility vehicle.

Tesla Model Y

The future is now and Elon Musk’s cybertruck leading the way. However, 2020’s Model Y is Tesla’s first SUV aimed at the mass market. The electric pickup can go 300 miles on a single charge and Musk has predicted that the Model Y may surpass the Model 3 compact car as Tesla’s best seller. With a starting price tag of$48,000, this five seat SUV will pave the way for future electric trucks and SUVs in the mass market.

Corvette Stingray

America’s sports car is back! With Chevy’s eight generation of the Stingray, they look to rival many exotic European sports cars by moving the Vette engine from the front of the vehicle to the middle. This huge change was made to improve performance and acceleration and while some Corvette loyalists aren’t happy, the majority of fans and critics are excited.

Rivian R1 T

The Rivian R1 T will be one of the first cyber trucks to hit the market. Hoping to rival Tesla, this Michigan-based electric vehicle startup has attracted investments from major players. The company has developed an impressive electric vehicle architecture that can be reused for future models. Rivian hopes to roll out the R1 T later this year but you can pre-order now.

Land Rover Defender

Another classic SUV will be making its return this year. The off-roading Land Rover Defender vanished from the market in 1997, but after its appearance at the LA Auto show last November, it’s poised for big return. While this vehicle’s fanbase has been calling for its return for quite some time, Land Rover finally saw an opportunity with the boom in SUV sales. The Defender will undoubtably compete with the Ford Bronco in the years to come.

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