Who We Are

Provide Original Equipment OEM Wheels and Hubcaps

We are the largest privately held distributor of Original Equipment Manufacturer OEM wheels  in the U.S. We provide OEM wheels (steel & alloy); OEM hubcaps and OEM center caps in brand new, refinished and used condition. We house the largest breadth of inventory under one roof, whether it was made in Germany, Japan or the US…..black steel, mirror-like chrome or silver painted alloy, you have a 95% chance we will have what you’re looking for.

Serve All Automotive Related Markets

We excel in serving all auto-related markets including body shops, wheel distributors, tire centers, wheel repair companies, automotive service facilities, auto dismantlers, rental car agencies, automotive dealerships, insurance companies, fleet management organizations and the retail public.

We are a dynamic team committed to improving our customer service, product offering, and service reach. Our experience and foresight allows us to anticipate your future needs today, keeping us #1 now and into the future.