OEM Wheels – Alloy

oem wheels made of alloy on bmw car

OEM Alloy Wheels

We stock new factory or OEM wheels that have never been mounted on a vehicle. These wheels are identical to the factory wheels that come on your vehicle, and are made by the exact same manufacturer. The only difference between our OEM wheels and ones you would find on your brand new car is that our new wheels have never been mounted to an automobile.

Like New OEM Wheels

We also carry like-new “Take-Off” OEM wheels that were mounted on a new car while in the showroom but were removed by the customer who wanted something different after purchasing. Additionally, Blackburn stocks reconditioned OEM alloy wheels. We refurbish our original equipment wheels according to original manufacturer specifications. See FAQ’s for an explanation of different OE wheel finishes.

Used Alloy Wheels

Blackburn also carries used alloy wheels and we take pride in providing Grade A and B condition wheels that are superior to those of our competitors.

Blind Drop Shipping & Other Programs Available for Alloy Wheels

Blackburn is always looking for new ways to add value to our products and services without passing on additional costs to our customers. We now offer a number of purchasing and shipping accommodations to even better serve our customers. Our entire inventory of OEM wheels, including our selection of new and used alloy wheels, can be shipped directly to your customers via our blind drop shipping services, at no additional charge to you or your business.  Due to our dedication and attention to detail, your customers will receive their wheel products faster, while in the meantime freeing up invaluable resources for your business. Let Blackburn handle your drop shipments so that your business can focus on more important things, such as building relationships with new buyers or spearheading that new marketing initiative.

Our “blind” drop shipping services offer many advantages:

  • Same day shipping available directly to your customer for all orders placed before 6:15PM EST , every business day of the year.
  • Expedited shipping options available.
  • Only your company’s information is included on your customers’ invoices.
  • Save money on warehousing by reducing the need for in-house inventory.
  • All of our drop-shipped wheel products are safely and discretely packaged in plain cardboard.
  • Great for URG and PRP members, auto-recyclers and more.

Dismantler Sales Program

Our Dismantler Sales Program is a great option for independent dismantlers and large auto dismantle operations alike. Whether you’re buying 1 wheel or 100 wheels, our dismantler program is set up to make things as easy as possible for you and enable us to provide you with the most accurate quote. View our Dismantler Sales Program page for more information, including instructions on how to use Blackburn on Pinnacle or EDEN exchange.

URG Core Value Program

We’re a proud sponsor of the URG Core Value Program which helps the alloy and steel wheel scrap industry by increasing revenue for URG members. We recommend becoming an URG member to gain access to our extensive and exclusive inventory of OEM wheel products, blind drop shipping services and other programs offered.

We Buy Alloy Wheels!

Looking to sell? We are one of the largest procurers of new and used wheels (alloy or steel)  in the nation. We take the condition of the used wheels we purchase very seriously, and recondition or refurbish all wheels to meet or exceed original equipment specifications when necessary. View our Wheel Buying Programs page for more information. Whether you have one wheel or are doing a complete inventory purge, your business can benefit from our wheel buying programs.

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