Why do OEM Wheels cost more than Aftermarket?

OEM wheels are made by the original equipment manufacturer of your vehicle and match the exact specifications of the wheels it came with. Not only will these wheels fit your car perfectly, they provide a safer and smoother ride.

We’ve all heard the saying “you get what you pay for.” OEM wheels are a prime example of this concept as the quality and future savings on replacement parts are unmatched by aftermarket alternatives. OEM wheels are typically forged with cast aluminum, fortified with additional metals that add strength to combat everyday wear and tear.

OEM wheels are considered a safer option, due to the fact that they are specifically designed for a certain vehicle model.  While, most aftermarket wheels are mass produced overseas with fewer safety regulations and sold at a cheaper price. This can cause issues with fitment and compatibility as well as damage to your vehicle.

Typically, OEM wheels are made of alloy or steel. Steel wheels are often a cheaper option that offers more durability. They are significantly stronger than alloy and aftermarket wheels. These are recommended for powerful vehicles and cold regions with long winters. If you are tempted by the style and appearance of aftermarket wheels, consider OEM alloy wheels. Alloy wheels are more aesthetically pleasing and generally perform better.

On average, the cost of OEM Wheels are higher than aftermarket. Blackburn offers new OEM wheels that have never been mounted, used and recondition qualities as well. Used and reconditioned OEM wheels are a cost saving options and provides a more affordable OE option. Save on quality with the peace of mind that your wheels fit the exact specifications of your vehicle.

Don’t sacrifice safety and performance. Contact us today!

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