22 Amazing Sculptures Made With Hubcaps

Here are some amazing sculptures made out of hubcaps and various other metal scraps. Most of these were sculpted by British artist Ptolemy Erlington. Ptolemy uses recycling to repurpose what other people would label useless junk. He’s an amazing talent, and his work expresses his deep ethical views on beauty, purpose, and the nature of value. Visit his website Hubcap Creatures for more information.

The Armadillo

The armadillo originated in South America. Its name literally translates into “little armored one” in Spanish. Fittingly, this little guy has been made out of recycled ‘tire armor’.

The Bee

Nobody likes a bee sting, but can you imagine getting one from this hubcap bee? We can’t.

The Boarfish

The boarfish seen above is accomplishing a feat once thought impossible: European and American auto parts living in harmony.


If only you could get these chickens to lay eggs, you might be able to get some free lug nuts.

The Chinese Dragon

Chinese dragons are said to embody guardianship. Keep this one outside your house to deter solicitors!

The Dog

We’re not ready to completely replace man’s best friend with this hubcap sculpture, but it may not be the worst idea. You could definitely save money on dog food.

The Dragon

This dragon is a bit more human like than the Chinese dragon. Who needs to breathe fire with teeth like those?

The Elk

This lovely elk would make a wonderful addition to any fireplace mantel.

The Fish

Everyone knows the old bit about pulling a tire out of the local fishing hole, but can you imagine pulling this hubcap sculpture out of the water?

The Other Fish

This fish looks like it could do some damage with the sharp fins. Hopefully, the sculptor sanded those down a bit or that could get ugly quick.

The Frilled Lizard

The Frilled Lizard uses is frilled neck to intimidate potential threats, claiming territory, and most importantly, courting mates. Having a Frilled Lizard hubcap sculpture is guaranteed to help your own courtship issues.

The Hammerhead Shark

The Hammerhead Shark got its name for having a hammer shaped head, obviously. Maybe by the same token we could name this guy the Hammerhead HubcapBody Shark?

The Owl

Owls are typically known for their wisdom in Western culture. They are typically nocturnal. With its menacing BMW-eyed stare, this one could keep anyone up all night.

The Sea Creature

This sea creature, staged here to appear as if it had washed ashore, is one of the larger examples of sculptures seen here. Ptolemy uses up to several hundred hubcaps for his larger sculptures, we’re betting this is one that required a few.

The Shark

We would not want to encounter this guy at the beach, or anywhere for that matter’. Ptolemy often focuses on fish and sea life, and this shark is one of his best examples.

The Other Shark

I think we’re going to need a bigger boat. Its hard to tell how big this one is, but this one resmebles the Great White Shark from Jaws and may be equally terrifying.

The Sloane Viperfish

The Sloane Viperfish has the record for largest teeth compared to the size of its head of any fish species. Though this one looks pretty big, they’re typically only about a foot long.

The Snake

This snake looks like its ready to attack. Instead of antivenom, see your doctor about a tetanus shot.

The Swordfish

This swordfish is another great example, and reinforces Ptolemy’s love for using fish and sea creatures for the basis of his sculptures.

The Tree

This beautiful tree of used hubcaps seems like one of the simpler sculptures you could make with hubcaps, but it is still quite impressive. Try decorating it with hood ornaments during the holiday season.

The Wild Boar

This wild boar probably wouldn’t make the best bacon, but it might be high in iron.

The Wolf

If you ever wanted your very own wolf, but found out it was against local laws, you are in luck.

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