A Guide to Different Types of Wheel Hubcaps

Finding the right hubcap type depends on a variety of necessary and preferred factors. You need to decipher use, look, and attachment style all while keeping an eye on your budget. Also, what’s the deal with wheel covers? Are wheel covers the same thing as hubcaps?

As the largest privately held distributor of OEM (original equipment manufacturer) wheels, we at Blackburn know a thing or two about hubcaps. We can simplify this difficult search and answer your various hubcap questions. 

This post will navigate you through some of the types of hubcaps that could fit your specific application needs. 

Clip-On Hubcaps

For hubcaps based on attachment, clip-on hubcaps are one of two main choices. Clip-on hubcaps slot into a groove already created for hubcap attachment for quick installation. 

Without any additional parts or attachments, clip-on hubcaps remain secure to the wheel hub and prevent damage or residue from affecting that wheel hub. 

While hubcaps and wheel covers differ by definition in that hubcaps cover the wheel hub at a minimum, while wheel covers protect the whole wheel surface. However, the terms wheel cover and hubcaps are often used interchangeably in casual conversation. Be sure to confirm this distinction, though, before making any purchasing decisions. 

Bolt-On Hubcaps

Another hubcap type depending on attachment is the popular bolt-on hubcap. This version includes bolts and lug nuts that can lead to less-secure attachment if not installed properly. 

Many of the OEM hubcaps feature the bolt-on type due to its traditional five-pronged look that buyers are accustomed to seeing. However, some clip-on hubcaps feature this look while still slotting into the provided wheel hub groove. 

OEM Hubcaps

At Blackburn, we specialize in OEM wheel solutions like hubcaps that meet specific dimensions and styles. While hubcaps can be substituted based on look and brand, OEM hubcaps give that certain trust that they will fit correctly and securely. 

OEM hubcaps will also feature the factory emblems that are present during production. Non-OEM distributors cannot sell replica hubcaps or wheel covers with those specific emblems that would match your vehicle. Most customers search out replica hubcaps in order to find cheaper solutions. Blackburn, however, offers deep discounts on OEM hubcaps to meet price points while providing needed quality and safety. 

Metal Hubcaps or Wheel Covers

If you’re looking for the hubcap wasteland, look no further than metal hubcaps. If you stumble across metal hubcaps, be sure that they are absolutely necessary for your vehicle. Metal hubcaps have been replaced by plastic versions by most car makers and wheel cover manufacturers. 

Though metal hubcaps are nearly obsolete, they were the previous standard, so they may be perfect for that vintage automobile you are hoping to restore. 
So, make sure you circle back to this post any time that you are considering an OEM hubcap order from Blackburn or just want more information on the topic. Follow this link to learn more about our OEM hubcaps and our blind drop ship services. Or, if you’re looking to order now, check out our WheelFinder to find hubcap replacements or brand new sets.

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