How to Find a Classic or Vintage Car That’s Right For You

Classic Car

You love those classic and vintage cars and you’ve got a hankering to own one. After convincing the wife and winning over the bank’s loan manager, you’re on the hunt for a perfect vehicle. But where to start? Researching the vintage car market isn’t like hanging out at a used car lot.

First, decide what type of car is best for you. That probably eliminates those exotic beauties that appear in major auto shows and international concours. Face it, unless you’re wealthy, you can’t afford one.

Most likely what you want can simply be described as a “collector car.”

The next perilous decision has to do with ability, as well as financial resources. Collector cars can be (a) superbly restored (b) dependable runners that require work (c) basket cases needing to be rebuilt from the ground up. Most experts suggest staying away from the latter unless you’re a skilled mechanic and/or body repair man. Some cars, once restored, are valued at less than what it costs to do the restoration.

Which takes us to another point. Why are you buying a vintage car? The trading of collector cars is such that many are now regarded as investments: Safe havens for money, potential profit makers. If your car is to be an investment, better be careful regarding choice of vehicle and how much will be spent to put it in saleable condition.

Our advice to first-time buyers? Forget investment potential until you’ve had prior experience in the old car market. Or be prepared to spend some entertaining hours at the auctions.

Classic and vintage car auctions provide an opportunity to view large numbers of collector cars all in one place. Which means more choice plus the possibility of obtaining a bargain. There are dozens of auctions held around the country, some of international stature, others strictly local. If you can afford the cost of travel, the big auctions are worth the trouble but you may find some gems at the smaller gatherings.

Just be sure you’re properly informed about values before making a bid. So… having dealt with several difficult but important considerations, let’s go shopping.

If you decide on a vintage or classic car that needs some restoration, we have a large selection of antique hubcaps to choose from. Our classic hubcaps date as far back as the 1940’s! Contact us today if you are in the market for vintage hubcaps today.

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