Points to Consider When Buying a Classic Car


Classic Car

Have you got the vintage car bug? Can’t wait to find that classic that you always wanted to own? Is money burning a hole in your pockets? Can’t wait to get starting on that restoration? Before you plunk down your hard-earned money, here are 5 points to consider.

1. Are you looking for an everyday driver or a showroom queen that will never see the road except on the way to a car show? Collectable cars can reach up to, and surpass, the million dollar mark – are you prepared to tie up a lot of money in your hobby?

2. Do you have any idea what it would cost to insure your ‘new’ pride and joy? Insurance companies don’t look fondly to having to pay out large claims for stolen or damaged cars. Older cars do not have the anti-theft devices nor the vehicle serial number database that newer cars do. Hot-wiring an older car is child’s play.

3. Is your significant other as excited about the plan (you have told her haven’t you?) as you are? Is she thinking of a new kitchen or that trip to Rome that you always promised? It is wise to budget for the car and subsequent maintenance and restoration with the significant other in mind or you may be forced to choose between two loves.

4. If the car needs restoration are you paying somebody to do it or are you planning to do-it-yourself? If you are going to do it consider the space you need to disassemble and store a whole car. Where will you park the family vehicle in the meantime? Will you tow it about for work or hire a tow truck? Half-finished restoration projects have often lead to frayed tempers and marriage break-ups. Is a restoration more than the car is worth?

5. If you are planning to drive the ‘new’ car keep in mind that it was built for a different time – slower traffic and lots of room to park. Will the drum brakes be adequate if you tried to panic stop on the highway? Parts may be either difficult to find or non-existent. Do you have another car when this one is down?

Dreams are what keep some of us going. Unfortunately catching the dream can quickly turn into a nightmare. Think long and hard before you commit to owning a classic.

If you already own a classic car and need to restore the classic hubcaps on your vintage automobile you came to the right place. We have a large selection of antique and classic hubcaps in pristine condition dating as far back as the 1940’s!

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