5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for the Car Enthusiast


Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gift can be a difficult task. To find that perfect gift, you must of course know what your significant other’s hobbies and interest are. If there’s one thing we can relate to at Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions, it’s an undying passion for all things auto. If your Valentine is a car enthusiast, then keep reading for our awesome Valentine’s Day gift ideas for the car enthusiast in your life. These unique gift ideas are sure to make your Valentine feel extra-loved this year.

1. Dash Cams

Since the rising popularity of YouTube, dash cams are not just for recording hit and run accidents in Russia any longer. Dashboard cameras are becoming increasingly popular. Whether your Valentine is competing on private race tracks or just wants proof that their next fender bender was caused by the other driver, there’s a number of options available. Popular manufacturers include Garmin and GoPro, but for the very best information, comparisons, and reviews on dashboard cameras, visit DashCamTalk.com. You can find a well-reviewed model that does everything you need for around $75, compared to the about $200 you’d likely spend on a comparable model  GoPro or Garmin.

2. Jumper Cables

Every vehicle should have a set of reliable jumper cables in the car. The operating word in that sentence was most certainly “reliable”. If you’ve ever tried to jumpstart a dead battery with old, damaged or cheap jumper cables, you know the importance of investing in a quality pair. When choosing a set of jumper cables, pay attention to these attributes:

  • Gauge – The higher the gauge, the thinner the wire. Thinner wires allow less electrical current to pass through and will thus take longer to start a dead battery. The lower the gauge number, the better.
  • Length – Most times anything around 8-10 feet will be sufficient, but having a pair of extra long jumper cables can come in handy. Extra long jumper cables can allow you to jumpstart your dead battery without the other vehicle having to be super close. Sometimes there are other cars or obstacles in between your dead battery and your good samaritan’s vehicle.
  • Connector / Cable Material – Inexpensive jumper cables usually use a copper coated connector and wire, typically covering aluminum underneath. While this is fine for most applications, if you can find a set in your budget with connectors that are made entirely of copper instead of just coated in it, grab them! A thinner gauge cable might actually allow more current to pass if it is made of all copper, as opposed to the often 99% aluminum 1% copper mixture you will find in cheaper “grocery-store” jumper cables.

3. WeatherTech Floor Mats

Every car enthusiast loves a clean car, and floor mats are one of the first things on the interior of the car to show wear and tear. Think about it, car mats are the cars first defense against dirt, debris, and precipitation (rain, sleet, snow, etc). WeatherTech.com is a  popular car accessory website, making aftermarket floor mats and a slew of other accessories that are custom sized to each car. Simply enter your year, make, model and trim level to browse accessories designed specifically for the automobile of your Valentine.

4. Remote Starter

While Valentine’s day may symbolize the beginning of the end of winter to some, your Valentine will still have plenty of cold weather left to enjoy the luxury of a remote car starter. Even if they live in a warm climate, most people just love the novelty of being able to start there car with the push of a button from the comfort of their homes. Since electronic fuel injectors have largely replaced the old-school carburetor, it’s really not necessary any longer to idle your car in the winter before driving away. But, it is nice to step into a nice and cozy car while your neighbors are still scrambling to shovel the driveway.

You can purchase decent remote starter kits for around $50 and your car lover can install it on their own. These can be complicated to install on your own, and may require modifying existing electronics in the car. For this reason, it might be wiser to purchase a gift card to a reputable establishment so your car enthusiast can enjoy their gift without getting his hands dirty.

5. Window Tint Service or Gift Card

Apart from looking cool, tinted windows provide privacy, keep your car cooler in the sun and also help protect your car’s interior from fading and cracking due to sun damage. While DIY window tints can be purchased, they are often of lesser quality. Window tinting is also a process that requires a certain degree of skill and finesse. For those reasons, we recommend finding a professional window tinting with a good reputation. Check places like Yelp, Angie’s List and Google + reviews for the local businesses in your area to find the most reputable window tinters in your area. Also be sure that you are familiar with your state’s local window tinting laws.

When Blackburn OEM Wheel Solutions isn’t playing the role of your Valentine’s Day shopping advisor, we stay busy maintaining the largest privately held inventory of OEM Wheels, OEM hubcaps and OEM center caps. We also offer vintage hubcaps for sale and rechroming services for vintage auto fenders.

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